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Focused individual performing a deadlift with proper form at Central Coast Barbel, the premier 24-hour gym in Grover Beach, CA.

Welcome to Central Coast Barbell

24hr Oldschool Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Training Facility

Spacious and well-equipped gym layout at Central Coast Barbel, the 24-hour fitness destination in Grover Beach, CA, featuring dedicated workout zones.

About Central Coast Barbell

Central Coast Barbell is an oldschool, 24-hour training facility that offers Free Weights, Specialty Bars, Selectorized (cable) Machines, Plate Loaded Machines, Chalk, Cardio Equipment, Powerlifting Equipment, and Strongman Equipment. We believe in hard work, dedication, and pushing yourself to be the best you can be. Come join us and see what you're capable of!

Join Central Coast Barbell and Transform Your Body and Mind

Vibrant fitness community engaged in a workout session at Central Coast Barbel, fostering a supportive environment in Grover Beach, CA.


At Central Coast Barbell, we believe in building a strong community of like-minded individuals who support and motivate each other towards their fitness goals. Join us and become part of the family!


We understand that staying motivated can be tough, especially when you're working out alone. That's why at Central Coast Barbell, we provide a supportive environment where you can find inspiration and stay motivated towards achieving your goals.

Motivated individual deadlifting with enthusiastic support from the community at Central Coast Barbel, the empowering 24-hour gym in Grover Beach, CA.

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