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Gym Equipment

Discover a robust array of bodybuilding, strongman, and powerlifting equipment at Central Coast Barbell, including premium barbells, dumbbells, and specialized apparatus, enabling comprehensive strength training and muscle development.

Upper Body

Cybex Advanced Chest
FLEX Fitness LEVERAGE Chest Press
Icaran Standing Deltod Raise
Nautilus First-Generatio Super Pullover
FLEX Fitness Seated Tricep Dip

Lower Body

Icarian Hack Squat (35° angle)
Southern Xercise TRU SQUAT
Icarian Donkey Calf Raise
STRIVE/PRIME Leg Extension
HS Seated Leg Curl (Plate Loaded)
CYBEX Squat Press
Rogue Rhino Bel Squat

Strongman & Cardio

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